At The Vantage Auto Group, we save you time, money and peace of mind! We take pride in delivering the best Car Shopping experience for our customers.

  • David was a pleasure to work with! He took the time to answer all of our questions and helped… read more

    Michele Bloomberg Avatar
    Michele Bloomberg

    David was a pleasure to work with. Responsive, professional, and honest. Got us a great deal on a… read more

    Michael Bloomberg Avatar
    Michael Bloomberg

    David made the process of finding a car during a car shortage extremely easy. He worked endlessly to try and… read more

    Pam Burstein Avatar
    Pam Burstein
  • Sarah was fantastic, answered all our questions and found us a great deal on our new Jeep Grand Cherokee L…. read more

    Aaron Swaim Avatar
    Aaron Swaim

    Lance was great to work with from beginning to end. He was very professional and responded quickly with any questions… read more

    Lori Bishara Avatar
    Lori Bishara

    Ella and team were very responsive and profesional. They were very helpful with providing me details that helped me make… read more

    Monica sarantidis Avatar
    Monica sarantidis
  • Vehicle #2 from David at the team at vantage Auto Group LLC! David got me the exact… read more

    Black Bear Lake Avatar
    Black Bear Lake

    Elka and her team are the ONLY auto group I will be using from now on ! Vantage Auto Group… read more

    Rebecca Yurga Avatar
    Rebecca Yurga

    I love the fact that we didn’t have to waste time sitting in a dealership and going back and forth… read more

    Lance Blick Avatar
    Lance Blick
  • Highly satisfied with my new car. The experience from start to finish was amazing. David was responsive, professional and knowledgable…. read more

    Alice Stout Avatar
    Alice Stout

    Sean was terrific to work with! The whole process was seamless. They literally drive your new car to you… read more

    Michele Witlieb Avatar
    Michele Witlieb

    Sean was extremely responsive and helped me sort through a number of different vehicle and financing options. He was patient… read more

    J Spiv Avatar
    J Spiv
  • The entire team at Vantage provided the best customer service and made our car buying experience seamless from beginning to… read more

    Krista Ginsburg Avatar
    Krista Ginsburg

    Elka and the Vantage auto group made leasing my vehicle so easy! They are courteous and don’t pressure you to… read more

    Erica Patusco Avatar
    Erica Patusco

    Sean was absolutely incredible to work with. He was patient with me and explained everything fully. He answered all of… read more

    Danna Yahav Avatar
    Danna Yahav
  • I recently reverted back to Barry Chaskes to inquire about an early termination of a lease I wanted to get… read more

    Peter Scocca Avatar
    Peter Scocca

    An incredible experience. All car shopping should be like this. Such good service. Prompt. Beyond nice and… read more

    David Braverman Avatar
    David Braverman

    David was the best. After speaking with him a few times it was like talking to an old friend. He… read more

    Joseph Graziano Avatar
    Joseph Graziano
  • Thank you Elka and Vantage for a wonderful leasing experience. In this tough market, Elka got us the exact model… read more

    A R Avatar
    A R

    Mike M is a really responsive and great guy to work with! With the car market being absolutely insane right… read more

    Rima Patel Avatar
    Rima Patel

    Elka was amazing! It was time for a bigger truck and with things the was they are these days,… read more

    7997Cobra Avatar
  • Elka and The Vatange Auto Group made my leasing experience really easy. Elka was so helpful, and kept me informed… read more

    Ivan Orozco Avatar
    Ivan Orozco

    Great service and Vantage went above/ beyond to keep my experience with the purchase satisfactory

    Jeff Malfetti Avatar
    Jeff Malfetti

    I’ve never personally been to this dealership but this is the second time they’ve added me to a spam group… read more

    Alex F Avatar
    Alex F
  • Sean made the car buying process SO EASY!! He was always available for questions – and I had a… read more

    Andrea Minarik Avatar
    Andrea Minarik

    Dave was great to work with, he went above and beyond to help me locate the vehicle that my wife… read more

    Jon Dean Avatar
    Jon Dean

    Sean was so helpful and kept me informed through the whole process of purchasing my new Jeep Wrangler.

    Rosanne Klink Avatar
    Rosanne Klink
  • I rarely give reviews but wanted to share my very positive car buying experience. I spoke with David multiple… read more

    Mark Rubin Avatar
    Mark Rubin

    Incredible! Sean made leasing a new car easy! The transparency and honesty was a breathe of fresh air! I Will… read more

    Nicolette Oliveira Avatar
    Nicolette Oliveira

    We worked with David Goldstein from Vantage Auto Group and was pleasantly surprised with the ease of finding a car… read more

    Mary Ann Clyne Avatar
    Mary Ann Clyne
  • Barry at Vantage made car buying enjoyable! I was looking around at several types of cars and it was exhausting… read more

    Joe De Avatar
    Joe De

    From the car search to the door-door hassle-free service, Vantage never disappoints! Thanks Sean for making this such an easy,… read more

    Andrea Berez Avatar
    Andrea Berez

    Thank you David for finding the car I wanted for a long time. I asked a lot of questions… read more

    Belarmino Viegas Avatar
    Belarmino Viegas
  • First time Leasing and David G. made this process so easy. Great price, personal attention, very professional answered all my… read more


    Barry was incredible. I gave him what I was looking for & he helped find the car, & sealed the… read more

    Ross Capuana Avatar
    Ross Capuana

    We used Barry and the team at Vantage Auto Group to help us find a new car. Within 1.5 weeks,… read more

    Deepti Janveja Avatar
    Deepti Janveja
  • Very convenient, top tier customer service, and simple. I would lease a car again from Sean.

    T St Pierre Avatar
    T St Pierre

    Sean was great. Always quick to reply and extremely helpful. The entire process from start to finish was seamless. Will… read more

    N B Avatar
    N B

    I just got an amazing deal on the Volvo XC-60 from Barry and Vantage Auto Group. Barry was amazing to… read more

    Vishal Lakhaney Avatar
    Vishal Lakhaney
  • Made the car leasing process seamless! I was searching around on my own for months trying to find a decent… read more

    Beau Brudzinski Avatar
    Beau Brudzinski

    David G. did a great job swapping me out of an existing lease and into a new Benz GLB at… read more

    Javier Blanco Avatar
    Javier Blanco

    Great experience. Took the hassle out of the process and got a great deal. Highly recommend

    Keith Lazarchik Avatar
    Keith Lazarchik
  • Got an amazing new Volvo XC40 R-Design from Barry at Vantage Auto Group. Barry was super friendly and easy to… read more

    Sumeet Lakhaney Avatar
    Sumeet Lakhaney

    Vantage could not have made the process of leasing my new car any easier. They delivered to my house; took… read more

    Nick Weiss Avatar
    Nick Weiss

    Professional and responsive! Prices are great and service is amazing. Car was delivered to my home clean and ready to… read more

    Jaime Arouh Avatar
    Jaime Arouh
  • Man, oh man, I gotta tell ya’, working with Vantage Auto Group was…beyond amazing! I contacted them on a Friday… read more

    Mark Viegas Avatar
    Mark Viegas

    All I have to say is wow!! This experience was amazing, It took no longer then a.half hour and it… read more

    Saverio Michielli Avatar
    Saverio Michielli

    Dave was such a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful. This was my first time getting a car so… read more

    Camille B. Avatar
    Camille B.
  • Best experience and David was great at every step. Will use them again in the future. No need to go… read more

    Mario Gutierrez Avatar
    Mario Gutierrez

    Barry was able to get me the car I wanted at the price I wanted. I am so happy with… read more

    Joyce Prosper Avatar
    Joyce Prosper

    Barry was the most honest, trustworthy and conscientious car dealer I have ever worked with. He is professional, responsive and… read more

    Steven Reich Avatar
    Steven Reich
  • Awesome and easy experience. David Goldstein was extremely helpful and communicative throughout. Would highly recommend Vantage to anyone,… read more

    Chad Berner Avatar
    Chad Berner

    Dave at Vantage made the entire process simple and efficient. I will definitely use Vantage again.

    Marjorie Goldstein Avatar
    Marjorie Goldstein

    I’ve been leasing for years and decided to try a broker. Sean and his team were there every step of… read more

    ED TAVERAS Avatar
  • David was amazing. Responsive, got the best price, had the car delivered within two days. Highly recommend using Vantage for… read more

    Josh Kolevzon Avatar
    Josh Kolevzon

    Barry was amazing to work with in leasing our new SUV. He was courteous and professional at every point. He… read more

    Jennifer Schoch Avatar
    Jennifer Schoch

    What a wonderful experience. I’ll never go to a car dealer again!!

    Kanesha Jones Avatar
    Kanesha Jones
  • Thank you to Dave for helping me get the car I wanted at a great price!

    Stacy McAteer Avatar
    Stacy McAteer

    Great service, no hassle. Highly recommended!

    Wayne Mandel Avatar
    Wayne Mandel

    Sean and Dave worked hard not only to get the best deal on the car we wanted.. but to find… read more

    Madison Greenberg Avatar
    Madison Greenberg
  • I worked with Sean on a lease for a Volvo. Two days after contacting him he was personally delivering my… read more

    Ryan Pennell Avatar
    Ryan Pennell

    Top notch, premium class service. Sean was responsive, attentive, and professional. Coming from someone who has leased or… read more

    Jessie Fan Avatar
    Jessie Fan

    I worked with Sean on a lease for a Volvo. Two days after contacting him he was personally delivering my… read more

    Ryan Pennell Avatar
    Ryan Pennell
  • This was the least stressful experience I’ve ever had when getting a new vehicle. David was responsive, personable, and straightforward…. read more

    Zakia C Avatar
    Zakia C

    Sean helped us purchase our new car and car insurance. He was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, responsive, and professional. Would definitely… read more

    Sara Goral Avatar
    Sara Goral

    Amazing experience, Sean came highly recommended to me and didn’t disappoint. Whole leasing process couldn’t be easier.

    Connor Byrnes Avatar
    Connor Byrnes
  • Excellent service and experience leasing a car with Vantage Auto Group! I worked with Sean at Vantage, and the… read more

    Robert Wasenius Avatar
    Robert Wasenius

    I cannot speak any more highly of working with David and the Vantage Group. Leasing my new Volvo XC90… read more

    Eric Falcone Avatar
    Eric Falcone

    David distressed my journey. After 2 weeks of frustration across 4 dealerships I was recommended to speak to Vantage. Professional… read more

    Alex Ortiz Avatar
    Alex Ortiz
  • We highly recommend Vantage Auto Group. David was wonderful to work with. He is responsive, accommodating and worked hard to… read more

    Rita Robustelli Avatar
    Rita Robustelli

    Sean was excellent to work with and made our car shopping experience so easy. He was super attentive, responsive,… read more

    Rebecca Breier Avatar
    Rebecca Breier

    David and his team made the car leasing process impossibly simple. This is not a short cut, it is THE… read more

    Zachary Levy Avatar
    Zachary Levy
  • Sean was amazing to work with in all aspects. Anything I asked for he provided. The service was professional and… read more

    Jim Huff Avatar
    Jim Huff

    I never imagined leasing a car would have been so easy. Dealing with Vantage was a pleasure; simple, quick, and… read more

    Michael Squires Avatar
    Michael Squires

    What an amazing experience. David went above and beyond to make sure I got the car I wanted at… read more

    Michael Castagna Avatar
    Michael Castagna

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At Vantage Auto Group, we save you time, money and peace of mind! No need to deal with the headaches of sitting in a dealership for hours on end and haggling with pushy sales reps. With our robust dealer network, we’re able to get wholesale pricing and guarantee the most competitive lease or purchase price on any new vehicle.

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